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Default question for the coaches regarding the buggy whip forehand.

Everyone seems to have their own terminology for this shot. Buggy whip forehand, reverse forehand, running forehand, etc.

Most players at the top hit this shot very well. In any given match, there are usually times where players can use this shot to get themselves out of trouble, or even use the shot more offensively to take control of the point.

Do you teach this shot to players, or do you let them develop it on their own? If you teach the shot, how do you teach it?

I think a lot of us at the rec level learn the shot on our own, just from being in situations where we're on the run, or late, or need to really get the ball to dip down into the court fast.

At higher levels is this shot taught formally, or do most players figure it out on their own? If it is taught, how is it taught?
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