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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post
The Organix 10 Mid has more power and is more forgiving compared to the PB10 Mid. I don't feel like it comes through as quickly or is quite as easy to whip around as the PB10 Mid, but it offers me more pop and a more stable feel at impact. The 10 325 is very forgiving and I like that racquet a lot.

It's going to come down to which feel you like the most, and because of that, I think you should demo all three side by side.

Lead tape can help enlarge the sweetspot. 10 & 2 will raise it, 3 & 9 will make it wider and improve stability a tad more.

Chris, TW
Thanks Chris

I can't demo, sadly, being in Australia, but you have confirmed my basic thoughts.

Thanks for the lead tape advice (is this from Jason?), I have the itch, though!
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