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Hi BMC9670 of course I remember you. Your son is about the same size as mine.

I guess it is different strokes for different folks. For my older son tennis did not come easy. He had to really work at it. The 10s were difficult even at the local level. He played a small number of tournaments. We never even looked at the higher level tournaments at that point. He just was not ready. My younger son had a much easier time and beat all of the local players and most of the players he came up against at the state level even when they were older than him in his age group. He is big and just had a much better hand/eye coordination at a young age. My older son has developed it as he has gotten older. In the long run it may even out who knows.

Do you think in the 12s it really benefits these players who are doing 100+ matches a year in the long run? Or is it not really going to make a difference in the 16s and 18s how many matches a player did in the 12s when he was 10.
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