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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Ditch the poly strings if you are a 3.0. You don't need them and it will be easier to learn with syn gut.

Syn gut is the best string to get good at tennis with. It is cheap and honest.

Keep playing the guy who beats you. I keep playing guys who beat me, and find that I can now beat them sometimes where in the beginning I would never win.

Thanks for the reply. I agree with you that a 3.0 player shouldn't be using poly. But my strokes are more advanced than my level. I'm using more advanced strokes in a 3.0 game, when the ball isn't going right by me. I would be playing with other 3.0s if I thought they wouldn't be put off by the pace I hit with. So the poly strings are well matched for the strokes I'm learning.

I really do appreciate your advice. Please bounce it back to me one more time, in light of what I just said. I am not heavily invested in poly at this time and I do like Dunlop S-gut as an optional way to go. I also have most of a reel of Spiral Flex that I could use.

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