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Originally Posted by arche3 View Post
Scholarship? Your making stuff up. Not likely by a hack parent. But 3.5 doesnt mean parent cant teach the right form if they have it as well.
Id rather an informed 3.5 parent than some kid learning by video.
No, I don't make this up. Just this fall, a girl got a full ride. Granted it was a small private religious school, but she does play well. Her father had made me hit many times with her before tourneys. And before that others. And more on the way. 3.5 fathers who are on the court every evening and weekend with their kids because they cannot afford private lessons.

But the one that stands out graduated several years ago. His father was a 3.5 player who actually used to sneer (loudly) at kids who his son beat, and go through the calculation of how much money they spent on lessons per month and how much his son spent (0). Of course, as you can guess, he wasn't exactly a nice guy, challenging coaches all the time about this, and one day he got into a fist fight in doubles and was kicked out of the club!
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