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Serious question about addressing the ball with frame rather than the strings.

I know I was as culpable as anyone for all the stupid modern vs traditional arguments. I apologize, and I'm trying to not act like a crazy person and let the anonymity of the net get the best of me.

Back on topic though, serious question about addressing the ball with the frame rather than strings. When Federer and some of the other current players first came on the scene, to my naked eye, I thought it looked like they were doing something like this, although I would never word it that way, I did notice the more closed racket faces.

I tried to copy this and do it in my own game. Never could. I just framed a lot of of balls and hit slow spinny balls that sat up. Oscar could you explain a little more how you coach players to address the ball with the frame. Would I have to change my grip to a more extreme variety, or can I keep my current grip and still accomplish this?

Oscar could you also explain more the hitting the ball at the bottom of the strings near the frame? I am still very confused by this. I just always assumed on topspin shots the ball contacted the strings near the center of the strings or slightly above center, and as you hit low to high, the strings appear to be above the ball by the time it's left the racket and is going back towards your opponent?

Oscar is this a visualization technique you use to help players start out with a closed racket face and then meet the ball out in front, or do you actually believe they're making contact near the bottom edge of the frame on groundstrokes?

Oscar, after taking lessons for awhile from a coach, who offered me advice one might call "traditional" I've developed pretty decent groundstrokes. I don't really even think about the angle of the racket face on my groundstrokes. I think more about things like getting coiled early and following through fully.

Do you think everybody should be thinking about addressing the ball with the frame, or only certain people with certain issues?

Oscar, my racket face is closed somewhat in my backswing. But I accomplish this by thinking about turning my shoulders and coiling. I don't really manipulate my hand or change my grip at all in order to close the racket face. I feel like it happens on it's own if I coil my shoulders and get a good unit turn.

Do you think my approach can work for me, or in order to see more improvement, would you recommend I focus more on my racket face angle. I just always assumed as players progressed and developed solid fundamentals, it was something they stopped worrying about...

With your work with Borg, it sounds like he had tinkered with his grip over the years, and you helped him change his grip back to one he was more comfortable with. As you said, after the grip change, he addressed the ball with the frame on his own without thinking about it. If someone is comfortable with their current grip and is not having grip issues, should they worry about any of this? Is it more of a concern for certain people in certain situations?
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