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Originally Posted by FedericRoma83 View Post
Frank Sedgman is my no. 1 in 1953 and 1958.
Gonzales no. 1 from 1954 to 1957.
Hoad no. 1 in 1959.
Rosewall no. 1 from 1960 to 1963, co-no. 1 in 1965 and 1970, no. 1 again in 1971.
Laver no. 1 in 1964, co-no. 1 in 1965, no. 1 from 1966 to 1969, co-no. 1 in 1970.
Then I have Nastase two years (1972-73).
I agree with the following exceptions:

1970: its between Newcombe and Rosewall ( Id pick Rosewall) but not really Laver, if you take into consideration the whole year ( and not 2 or 3 events were Laver was unbeatable).As you probably know, I am one of the fiercest Laver admirers over here, but he was behind Newcombe and Rosewall in the overall look of the year.

1971: although Rosewall won 2 of the 6 biggest events, Smith won Forest Hills and was runner up at both Wimbledon and the Masters.

Kodes won Paris and lost the USO final.Nastase lost the FO final and took the Masters.Newcombe won Wimbledon ( but little else ), Ashe reached the AO final against Rosewall ( and reached the Dallas semis), and finally Laver lost the WCT finals to Rosewall.

1971 is one of my fav years, with 7 excelent and yet diverse players making the 6 big finals of the year (Smith,Rosewall,Laver,Newcombe,Kodes,Nastase,Ashe) .That top 7 is possibly the best ever for a single year ( even better than late 50s pros )

1972.Nastase wins Masters and USO while Smith wins the then big DC and Wimbledon.Smith beat Nastase in two of their 3 finals, although Nastase had probably a better year overall.Very very close.Their Masters final is one of the greatest indoor finals of all time.

Just my two cents.
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