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Originally Posted by Angle Queen View Post
Thou art indeed brave, Striker. We've yet to attempt a flight even though both kiddies have passports. Any travel we've done has been in the automobile but I'll be venturing with the two littlest ones, myself, to go see their grandmother (my MIL) by train over their Spring Break. We're all actually excited by the prospect; even better that GOD (the Grumpy Ole Dad) will be left at home! LOL

Funny, at first, he was like...yeah, if you wanna take ' go right on ahead. Now that it's all actually planned, tix bought...and his mom & sis excited (esp that he isn't coming too)...he's, well, disappointed.
My wife art braver than I. She took our first daughter one on a flight to Botswana when the little one was 2 months old. That's 18+ hours.

I am also a sucker for punishment as we are doing it again later this year for another wedding.
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