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I am starting to realize that Rafa has not been injured so much as he has not been able to maintain his very higest level of play for periods in matches as long as he used to be able to. So, to me this means that he can impose his will, usually off of the ground--but increasingly with his serve believe it or not--in winning four or five points consecutively just about whenever he wants or needs to; but he cannot sustain that level for longer than a few games at most nowadays. And so, off of clay it means that guys like Novak and Roger have only to weather those drastic bursts or jumps in the level of Rafa's play before they reassert themselves. Rafa still plays the highest level of tennis out there, I believe--a level that (when he turns it on) absolutely nobody can match...but he cannot keep it firing as long as before and this is why he will not win another major off of clay IMO.
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