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Originally Posted by kragster View Post
I would discount most of Murray's big wins as in most of his big wins , his opponent did not play better than him. For example in USO 2012, Djokovic did not play better than Murray and as a result of this luck, Murray won. Had Djokovic played better than Murray, he(Murray) would have lost.
What on earth are you talking about? Are you trolling or something? How exactly does ANYBODY win a match against an opponent who is playing BETTER??

The reason someone wins a match is generally because they are playing BETTER than their opponent (unless the opponent pulls out of the match because of injury). It doesn't matter what the reasons may be why an opponent plays worse, if he plays worse, he loses the match. The better player in the match ALWAYS wins! It's that simple!

Originally Posted by kragster View Post
I struggle to recollect the last title Murray won where his opponent played better than him For me there will always be a big asterisk next to Murray's wins.
In that case, there must be asterisks against ALL the wins of Djokovic, Federer and Nadal etc. because each time they won a match it was because they were the better player! None of them ever won a match against an opponent who played better than they did!

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