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Originally Posted by Big John View Post
It is a Head Radical, VS as usual is quite right. Yonex are trying to make him another prototype but they keep coming out too stiff, hence he's using the blacked out Head in the Yonex bag.. It will be interesting to see him practice in the next few months to see what Yonex come back with to try and keep him.
I had some talk with a few people in the bus. The last problem in this whole thing is the racket, any company can make a racquet for him just how he wants, the issue is money, nothing else, lets not blame his poor results from clay season onwards to the racket, he actually played great at the AO last year, made the semis before the AO and then phased out, if there was going to be a problem would have been before, right when He switched when usually every one has issues with timing, shot length and so forth, to say anything about the racket is hipocrisy.
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