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Originally Posted by FrisbeeFool View Post
LOL, maybe you can answer them for me? Should I worry about the racket face angle if I already know how to turn my shoulders in preparation and then uncoil and meet the ball cleanly out front. If I'm doing this consistently and turning my shoulders is allowing me to close the racket face and make clean contact without manipulating anything else, why would I even worry about the racket face angle or the leading edge of the frame? When I first learned the groundstrokes my coach focused a lot on what contact should feel like. Now, it's automatic for me. But, I've never heard any coaches explain it the way Oscar does, so I'm asking him to elaborate so I can understand it more. All the slow motion videos I've watched seem to contradict what Oscar says about the contact phase of the stroke. That's why, I was politely asking him to elaborate, and explain these issues.
Thank you. Oscar may add or correct from his perspective of course, but imo
if you are happy with your shot, there is little reason for change. If you get to
the pt that you want more rhs, that could be a way to help. If you have
any depth control problems, it could help, but if it feels good and automatic
for you and you are happy with your, no concern imo.
I think if the vid you are seeing does not match with what you hear from Oscar,
it's terminology, because his version is the bare basics that all the good Fhs
I've seen tend to contain. It might help if you give a basic Oscar denotes
that you see different. Related to above, most high level Fhs lead with top edge,
or some closed face as some say it.
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