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Originally Posted by kragster View Post
I cant help but think the Roddick edge was somewhat psychological, after Nole said those things in the post match USO 08 (IMO roddick deserved it) , it almost felt like the fact that Nole , the popular crowd loved star was now 'unpopular' might have played on his mind. In future encounters, it felt like Novak wasn't trying hard enough against Roddick, almost like he felt guilty.

I do think Nole can be hurt by lots of variety and changes in pace. In general I think a guy like Murray is the worst match up for him because Murray is good enough to stay in a rally and then when he chooses to he can mix in droppers, slices, junkballs etc. Having watched Nole for over 6 years though, it has gotten easy to tell when Nole is going to lose - just see if he grunts when hitting the ball when he is in a good/neutral position. Usually when he loses, you will not hear him grunting when hitting the ball. One other thing though is that if a player is beating Nole too badly, he wakes up and goes into madman Nole mode which is amazing to watch when he puts some sick power into his shots.
Actually good point about Roddick. I did feel myself that after that match he lost the edge vs Roddick. It always seemed like he got sloppy on his service games and got broken and that was it, and it did seem to stem from that incident.

Vs Murray I feel like when he started losing to him in 2008 after never having lost a match it was because he would actually push too hard and go for winners but make too many errors. It was like he didn't quite know whether to out grind him or be very attacking. I can usually tell when he's going to lose to Murray because he will just keep missing shots and hand Murray the upperhand.
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