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Originally Posted by Wodz View Post
I really do not understand what you are saying.. you are playing above your own level because your ground strokes are too fast?

It sounds like you are a 3.0 trying to punish the ball but your footwork and timing are lagging behind. Can you clarify that for me mate?
Yeah, what's happening is I'm trying to play above my level. I can't react to the ball fast enough or efficiently enough to utilize my 'cool new strokes'. I need to get better anticipation as well. But, I remain a 3.0 who hesitates setting up matches with 3.0 players who hit with 3.0 power. My buddy rates himself at 3.5, and I can usually only get about 2 games off him per set. And he does bring his best game.

My game is 3.0, I do very well playing with other 3.0s. The ball moves nice and slow. I really don't want to tee people off by playing at that level with too much power. And I'm not skilled enough to dial down my game. I would be sporadic at best.
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