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haha. just because you call him Ralph instead of Rafael doesn't make him American.

apart from WTA. the US is doing something wrong with it's approach to men's tennis. what changed from the legendary country that produced so many big players, McEnroe, Sampras, Aggassi and Roddick to one that can only produce an Isner (one trick pony) and a few 50+ guys.

where is the flair? where is the american Tsonga, or Monfis? where is the power on the ground? where is the American DelPotro, Almagro or Verdasco? and yes, where is the American Federer?

is it the lack of claycourt experience? is it the lack of emphasis on backhand? do/can you teach fighting spirit? is american tennis training allowing players to be creative like in the past? all i see is big serve and the occasional big forehand and injuries in your mid-20s. that's it. Sampras had a fabulous backhand, aggassi and roddick had amazing movement, McEnroe had the touch. Every american I see now is just big serve and no ground game, or is a textbook pusher. it's all foreplay, no orgasm.

the only exception from the new guys is this Stevie Johnson guy. He's a fighter, has heart. all he needs is a proper backhand and some clay court experience and he will go far.

you guys should have at least one guy in the top ten, maybe even a french open champion.
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