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Originally Posted by Big_Dangerous View Post
I also had a question about the prize. I was thinking about this the other day, actually. I was wondering if say someone wins, and they already have enough rackets, can they opt for like apparrel instead? Like, just use the same amount of dollars the racket they would have picked costs and then apply it to other items like apparel? Just wondering if winners could do that. I figure some of us might get more use out of like apparel instead of another racket.
Different racquets are listed at different prices, some under $100, some over $200, so not sure how that would work out. I think racquet + shoes of the winner's choice is an excellent prize, but I haven't won one of these brackets yet! But honestly, these events just make the tennis more exciting and more interesting. It's unfortunate for us and those who are already out of the running due to picks not being saved, though.
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