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Originally Posted by DeShaun View Post
I played tennis on Adderal one time- and one time only...I never will do that again. I feared my heart was going to explode and the added mental calmness actually seemed to be hindering me after a certain point when I sensed that, as the match was becoming tight yet my intensity level remained...I guess "flat" would be the best word, I knew then that I should rather be psyching myself up than riding "this strong sense of being unperturbed by everything." It was almost like I could not summon those feelings of being vested in the outcome or care enough to make changes/improvements in my performance precisely because I was on the Adderal.
Adderall effects the dopamine levels in the brain, the neurotransmitter that regulate the desire, motivation and reward. This is what you experienced. Long term heavy adderall users who take it day in and day out(heavy meaning high range of acceptable FDA approved levels of prescription for ones bodyweight/sex/age) regularly develop mild to sever impairments in these areas.

If ollinger comes in here saying the meds effect everyone different and dont work the same for ppl without adhd ignore the yadda yadda yadda by ollinger and the career field he chose. Like 95% or more of the catholic church leadership there will be no self conviction of his colleges nor the institute he is part of.

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