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Originally Posted by dafinch View Post
Instead of talking out of your ***, why don't you reel off the long list of players besides Butt Picker who have been fined multiple times for illegal coaching, who admitted in public that they cheated during the final of the one and only US Open that they won, and who have been accused of gamesmanship by multiple players. When you're a lying, cheating toad, you don't automatically get the benefit of the doubt. Furthermore, there are people who concede that he may actually be injured, they just have doubts about the severity of the injury and the length of time it is taking to "heal."
Pretty much sums it up. I'm not religious but 'you reap what you sow' does ring true quite often.

I think @PSNELKE is just goofing off - or helping out the hapless Nadal backers. He/she is usually a fairly decent poster.
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