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Default tinkering with the equipment

so maybe its boredom, but i'm thinking about adding a little lead to my setup.

the pickle pro is the youtek prestige pro, and i put lead on the handle and at 12 o'clock to balance out all 6 racquets, because they were all a little off. so strung with overgrip, they're at 340g, 6 pts hl.

i really like this racquet, the one thing i would say that it doesn't have going for it is that it's a "low powered" compared to other racquets i've tried/used:

npro open
kpro open tour
blx 90 tour
k95 16x18
liquadmetal radical

i'm thinking the sweetspot might be a little lower than what is in wilsons? either way, i consistently break mains 5-7 crosses down from the top (and 1 main off of the center pair for that matter) so i'm going to try to "raise" the sweet spot. is there a guide for how much lead at what location(s) would raise the sweetspot a given distance?

is lead at 10 and 2 o'clock the best way to accomplish this? anyone know where the sweetspot supposedly is on this racquet? i'm guessing its somewhere around the geometric center of the racquet, 10th cross from (top/bottom, 16x19).

basically, i want to raise the sweetspot 2 inches.
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