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Originally Posted by Midguytenis View Post
I'm a coach i work with competitive players (juniors) and that is why I came to AO.

I watched the match between Jerzy J.... VS Devarmann from the stands, i was really impressed about his entire game and the result of that match, what impressed me the most is the will he has and mental fortitude that can take him to a number 1 one day.

He can improve in every area of his game, that is scary! The mental part iis already there, that is why he is in this position right now, that is why he won that match, I thought Tomic was the best one but i may be wrong, i dont see in Tomic what Jerzy has.

On WTA i see Madison Keys a great player, but Donna Vekic may outshine her.

It will be tough for guys like Harrison, Dimitrov, Tomic , Madison Keys, Ashley Barty, these 2 seems to have what it takes to dominate.
Of the players you mention, only Dimitrov has multi-slam level talent and promise. The future is with Donskoy and Berankis, as well as Nishikori and Andrey Kuznetsov.
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