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Originally Posted by rolliges View Post
Thanks I did read ( a few times) and enjoy the Hall of Fame post. Love the pictures too.

However, there are some questions on this thread that would be great to hear P1's opinion on. Specifically the question by Irvin:

1 - Which is most important to match up in a racket?
a - Swing weight
b - Static weight
c - Balance point
d - Racket length
e - All of the above

2 - Is the swing weight for all players computed from the same reference point 10 cm from the butt or do they use different distances for different players?

Thanks again.
Glad you enjoyed the thread. However, I did kind of answer this in the write up. Here is the portion where I answer the "meat" of your question.

Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
When asked about racquet specs in order of importance, Nate and Ron agree that most important is the swing weight, followed by the weight and ultimately balance, although length of a racquet plays a vital role that canít be overlooked and could at times drastically change all of these. Of course, there is also flex and lastly the feel of a racquet, which is personal to each player and how they perceive it.
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