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Originally Posted by Fearsome Forehand View Post
If you read the story, it is obvious he manufactured the entire story to garner sympathy votes for the Heisman. What a jerk!

The press is going to have to cover this now whether he went to ND, or not.

And yes, ND was over ranked. They are a very good team but they just squeaked by several very marginal teams. Apparently, margin of victory is not a factor in BCS ratings which is rather stupid. I thought 'Bama would kick their butts and was not surprised by the outcome at all.

Whats bad is that ESPN is never the one who breaks a story like this. It was Deadspin Magazine for gods sake. Was it ESPN that broke the Reggie Bush scandal at USC? Nope it was Yahoo Sports and there wasnt anyone on earth more shocked about the roid usage by Arod and all the other cheaters in baseball than the guys covering baseball for ESPN. Peter Gammons could have been in the room while Arod, Bonds, Clemens, and McGuire all shot roids in each other and he still wouldnt have noticed it happening. ESPN is a joke if news is what youre lookin for
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