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That Jimmy Jump guy, more than a crazy fan, does that for a living I think.

Originally Posted by rafan View Post
Most of the people I met in Majorca and I met some of the people he has grown up with all say that Nadal is very shy. None of them said he was unfriendly or unapproachable, this includes hotel receptionists, cafe owners and the like. Majorcans' are not the sort of people that are in your face anyway and that is what draws millions to the island every year.On the whole they are polite and respectful. He often stands around to have his photo taken with fans. Once at Wimbledon (and its on film) he grabbed a girls phone off her because she did not know how to take a photo of him and sorted it out for her. Some people are shy and cannot help it
Yeah. I remember reading an interview with Connors where he said Rafa was painfully why or something.

And in any case, signing autographs all the time (much more than other pros) and posing for pictures all the time is being personable enough with fans.
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