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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
Sedgman is very close to Gonzales in 1958, beating Gonzales in both the Wembley Pro and the big tournament in Australia, but I still have Gonzales ahead. He won the US Pro in Cleveland and the Tournament of Champions at Forest Hills, and won the world pro tour against Hoad. In 1960, Gonzales barely played any tournaments after the end of his contract with Kramer, but he dominated the world pro tour, including Rosewall, and the tour was the most important thing back then.

I have Gonzales as number 1 from 1954-1961, because he always either the very best, or never toppled as the best, throughout that whole period.
For 1958, I still have to rate Hoad at number one, because he was the leading money-winner on the year based on tournament points (which is the system we use today!), plus he won the greatest match of 1958 or of any year against Gonzales at Kooyong 4-6, 9-7, 11-9, 18-16 (a match Gonzales rated as the best ever between the two).

If you beat the best at his very best, what does that make you?
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