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Originally Posted by Moose Malloy View Post
Lendl d Wilander 75, 62, 36, 76(3)

my stats
Lendl served at 51%(65 of 128 )
Wilander served at 55%(74 of 135)
These got flipped around from the '85 final, in which Lendl served at 43% and Wilander at 76%.

In this '87 final neither player did too well making the first serve on break point, Lendl just 4 of 10, Wilander 4 of 9. But I guess that mattered more for Wilander, because Lendl was attacking his second serve on key points (though that is not apparent in the stats for 2nd serve success).

Originally Posted by Moose Malloy View Post
Lendl had 59 non service winners: 23 fh, 10 bh, 11 fhv, 8 bhv, 7 ov
Wilander had 29: 4 fh, 9 bh, 2 fhv, 11 bhv, 3 ov
Lendl 33 winners from groundstrokes, 26 from net strokes
Wilander 13 winners from groundstrokes, 16 from net strokes

Lendl's FH looks like the decisive stroke of the match. That's a lot of FH winners, esp. with the court playing so slowly.
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