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Clemson 7, Furman 0

routine win today in the first game of the season. The team looked sharp which was nice to see as last year they came out cold and barely beat College of Charleston 4-3.


The Maden bros won 8-1. This will be a very goos team this year. Not much to report in doubles in was an easy point for the Tigers.

Singles: (all winners Clemson)

1. #75 Yannick Maden def Andrew Mellow 6-3 6-2
Mellow is a scrappy player and came out sharp. Maden made a lot of errors at first, trying to be aggressive. Maden has added a couple of shots to his arsenal. A more aggressive dissecting forehand is one of those shots, very dangerous. As the match went on, Maden was just far too much for Mellow. Mellow did not have the game to compete.

2. Hunter Harrington def Alex Christ 6-2 2-6 6-1
Harrington moves all the way up to #2. He played #5 most of last season. He has a game based on creating winners. High risk play. He played well but had a 2nd set blip where he started to miss more, but was able to dial it in in the 3rd and never allowed Christ to truly be in the match.

3. Gerardo Meza def Joel Cook 6-3 6-4
Meza was a staple at #2 last year but moves down to #3 for this match. Cook is 6'10 and makes some of the most absurd errors you will ever see, hitting balls way over the fence and such. Of course being so tall he can crank a serve every now and then. That's basically the only reason he is a competitive tennis player. Meza was too strong from the back of the court.

4. Dom Maden def Matt Browne 6-2 6-2
This match was on the far court so didnt get to see much. Easy win for Dom, who looked very keen on his footwork. His return of serve was working which is very important for his game as he can really slap the #### out of the ball on returns on the forehand side.

5. Ayrton Wiboww def Jacob Behal 6-7(6) 7-6(4) 10-7
A worrying result. Yes he won but he should not have struggles in this type of battle. Behal is a good player, probably should be #2 for Furman really. But Wibowo allowed him into the match on several occasions. He led the 1st set tiebreak 6-3 then proceeded to lose 5 straight points to gift the set to Behal. Shades of last year vs NC State, except that was when the match was 3-3 and we lost to NC State because of it! Wibowo is not clutch, mainly because of his high risk game. I feel like he stayed back far too much in this match. He is best when moving forward to net.

6. Austin Ansari def Luke Synn 6-2 6-3
Collegiate debut for Ansari. He looked good, his forehand was really working well. Encouraging result for Ansari in his first dual match. Could be a solid #6 this season.
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