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yes, that was my point .. If you cut down on the no of forced errors by getting those serves back into play, that increases chances for the UEs ..

Coming to the return UEs, I don't know again WTH the statistician was doing ...

I have the stats till the 3rd set

murray only committed 2 UEs on the return ... they have him @ 8 UEs on the return until the 3rd set ...

federer only had about 4-5 UEs on the return ( don't remember exactly and don't have the stats with me right now ) ... they have him at 11 UEs on the return until the 3rd set

Also have a look at the return winners column there : 19 return winners for federer in the whole match ... now, really ?? he had only about 12-15 returns winners vs SnVing sampras in their 5-setter in 2001 (IIRC ) and we know its easier to hit return winners vs SnVers than against those who stay back

they also have murray @ 9 return winners .... till 3rd set, I have them both making only a couple of return winners till the 3rd set ( I haven't noted that stat down, but I recall that very clearly )

also chew on this :

murray had ~77% of returns back into play ... federer made 131 serves out of which 3 were double faults ... so 128 serves in which murray could have a chance to get the ball back into play

128*77/10 ~ 99

so he missed returning 29 of the serves from federer
the ace count is 12

so that leaves room for 17 (return errors+service winners ) ... if he had 9 unforced errors on the return, that leaves room for only 8 (forced return errors+service winners ) ... now really ?


now coming back to the total unforced error count, the unforced error count till 3 sets in the official stats is fairly close to mine unlike in the semi where there is more discrepancy .. I will post the full stats once I'm done with the final set ...

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