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Originally Posted by nikdom View Post
Where was that serve before and after? Nadal didn't win any of the lead up tournaments to the USO and that powerful serve disappeared just as soon as it became a factor at the USO. Nobody learns to serve bombs overnight. Even if we give credit for somehow doing that, which I did initially, how does it simply go away?
You're either very forgetful or trolling.

Nadal has the "super serve" not just for USO, but for tourneys after as well, his serve helped him a lot in Tokyo as well. But the problem is that it messed up his shoulder so he reverted to his more traditional serve by AO 2011. So that serve wasn't in effect for 2 weeks but all throughout the autumn season.

Heck, there were some signs of the super serve before:

In a match that he LOST, in Cincy.

Even if you believe the "Nadal doped to get that serve" theory(that is what you seem to be implying), then I ask you: Why didn't Nadal just cycle again anytime in the next 2 years to get that booming serve? Nadal never served that well again, except maybe the first set in WB 2011 final.

Heck, even resident silent ban aficionado and expert drakulie doesn't believe Nadal doped to get that serve and yet some of you do. Boggles the mind.
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