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Originally Posted by andfor View Post
^^^ There is a way to handle it. It's been written about here by those with experience over and over. Sounds like you go to a club so you're likely paying for your kids tennis lessons. If your kids coach has not taught your kids how to handle it your getting ripped off. Maybe no one said anything to you during the match maybe because your bias clouds how you see your kids line.

You need to re-read your post. You sound like a sore loser.
No, we do not play at any club, neighborhood or public courts, not sure how you made your *****umtions from my post.

Again, I was only telling our first run in with cheating in junior tennis, and this particular dishonest player was confirmed by a few other kids/parents, so I know we were not imagining. Everyone can make a mistake making their own line calls, I play tennis myself and perfectly understand that. But not when a ball lands a foot inside the line.

Since we taught our kids how to handle it, thankyouforyourconcern.
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