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Originally Posted by treeman10 View Post
Gotta have a presence on the court, teach your player that. Known professional cheater in our area didn't cheat against my player, there was some kind of respect thing going on. Cheaters cheat those they see as weaker. Sure it helps to be the better player, that is the easy solution. But there is something about an attitude that says I don't put up with that. Sorta like the school bully thing, they prey on the weak. Don't have to be a jerk to get that message across. My kid is one of the nicest players you'll run across, but nobody cheats him, or if they try it is only once and done. Watch the top players and how they carry themselves, it's a swagger that says don't mess with me. Even sweet kids can pull that off when on the tennis stage.
So true, very well said.
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