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Originally Posted by Candide View Post
The first man is wrong here. She actually pretty average if not below average in size among women tennis players. She is super fit and strong for her frame but she's at a big disadvantage against the Sharapovas and Serenas and other Amazons. Her loss against Zheng was a mental collapse though due to the extra pressure she puts on herself in Australia.

All of the pitying posts about poor underachieving Sam are redundant though. She's number 9 in the world and has won about $12 mill in prize money. I'm sure she'll survive and do better once she gets overseas again.

Serena is not an amazon. She stands 5 ft 9 inches tall, just an inch taller than Stosur.

The only physical advantage Sharapova has over Stosur is height. Other than that, Stosur is a much more athletic woman. Also, even though Stosur is much shorter than Sharapova and Azarenka (5 ft 11), her serve is even more potent and her forehand is even heavier.

So, I don't believe Stosur is disadvantaged in anyway when it comes to physical attributes. She is just a mentally frail relative to her big rivals.

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