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Originally Posted by hmd View Post
There are parallels between Hewitt and the great Agassi. They both started out as brash tempestuous young players who matured into elder statesmen with age.
Can't agree with that. Agassi may have dressed loudly but his manner was always pretty mild and he was pretty polite to opponents and officials. The punk player was mostly a Nike marketing gimmick extending his flashier tendencies anyway. His achievements and toning down of his image just drew many more old school admirers in his later days but he was essentially the same guy with less hair and quieter outfits. Hewitt was a pretty much a pig from day one and now that he's facing the twilight days of his career and is angling for some media work he's trying to come over all avuncular and twinkly. I don't buy it for a minute. He's less an elder statesman than a wolf trying to don sheep's clothing.
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