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Just got my 2011 Ltd. restrung. I use Kirschbaum Pro Line 11 17 g. I've been stringing it at 52 since I bought the Ltds and also used to string my microgel prestiges at the same tension. Just dropped it to 50. I definitely noticed the difference. Once the string warmed up, there was much more trampoline and power. I like it.

I've read a couple a couple of the posts in here that gut is the best for the stick. These sticks are really extremely low powered. I though my prestige mid was lower powered. The Ltd--I have one 2009 and one 2011- might be even moreso. I looked at the gut prices. That ain't gonna happen. The last time I used a syn gut, playing about two hours a day, three times a week, they didn't last long enough.

I've only had these Ltds for about four months after three years with the prestiges. I'm still trying to find my way. What do you think the difference in feel and play would be between my current poly at 50 and a syn gut, were I to find and economical one I liked and put that in?
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