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Originally Posted by nikdom View Post
Really? where do you guys get this crap? Uncle Toni?

1 min this guy is serving bombs, next day his shoulder is messed up. One day he's running around like a rabbit, the next day he's retired because his knee's are shattered?

Gimme a break. This guy has to be the most impressive athlete since Lance Armstrong. You know how that guy did it right...
You need to get your facts straight.

Not the next day but a couple of months later. Nadal had a improved serve(for most of the time, in some matches that autumn it did not click) in 2010 for USO, Bangkok,Tokio,Shangai and TMC(where he made his first final by beating guys like Murray,Roddick,Djokovic on HC indoors). In AO 2011 he dialed back on his serve from what I'd seen.

But still, let's assert that Nadal DOPED to get his serve for USO 2010 since that's what you are implying and he didn't actually have shoulder issues towards the end of the year.

It stands to reason that he would whip out the massive serve again at least ONCE since autumn 2010 but 2 YEARS(years in which Nadal reached another 5 slam finals) have passed and we haven't seen Nadal try to hit bombs again, it's still mostly his spin serve out wide with a slower speed.

Now I don't know about you but if I had the ability to get a powerful serve with the use of PED I would use as frequently as possible. And since the Federer warehouse has already established that Nadal is an all around awful person,a cheater of the highest magnitude, I don't see why he wouldn't use PED's to boost his serve as much as is humanly possible on a frequent basis.

I know I'm just bashing my head against the walls here trying to argue with a hater but just to know how off track you are again: drakulie, a fellow Nadal hater who believe that Nadal was already silently banned twice for doping, doesn't believe the super serve via PED theory. Why don't you have a talk with him about the Nadal super serve's appearance and disappearance?
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