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Originally Posted by nikdom View Post
^^ Your reasoning is as convoluted as Nadal's excuses are unconvincing.

For someone who you guys believe is the strongest, best, invincible player of all time, from your very own conclusions seems an incredibly fragile fellow.

All I ask is that you answer my not at all convoluted question:

If Nadal has a booming serve in his backpocket via PED, why doesn't he whip it out at every slam at least?

We know that you and other worthy posters have correctly identified Nadal as a cheater who ****es on the system and who is also backed from the inside(silent bans to cover up, Tony's influence, Mallorcan Mafia etc.) so why would he have qualms about pushing the super serve in our faces every other tournament?

For a guy with Nadal's(lack of)morals, it wouldn't make sense to ditch a superweapon. Did Nadal stop taking shady MTO's? Did Nadal stop wasting time? Did Nadal stop coaching? Then why did Nadal stop using PED's on his super serve? The dude is backed by the system, the fans and media are gullible enough to buy his crap(grip change, yeah right ) and yet he chooses to abandon a MAJOR weapon? Makes no sense.
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