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To be honest, I like the Solutions as speed shoe but I prefer the Resolution 4s. They just feel a little more stable, give more support and I like that slightly chunkier/safer feeling over the light and fast like the Solutions. Both are amazing shoes, I could rave about Asics all day, but the Res 4s give you the speed as well as the safety.

My ankle has healed completely from the injury and the surgery (even tho that took years). Like Chris said (thanks, by the way, always got my back ha), I haven't worn a brace at TW, mostly because, to be honest I kept forgetting to get one, and thus I got my moving confidence back without it. (Although Chris gives me more credit, I generally just don't bother running for his dropshots and just say something rude to him instead).

This is my favorite brace: ASO Ankle Braces I would definitely suggest it, it has the laces that are adjustable, and the wrap around straps - it provides the best support out of any brace I've worn. Quick to put on, really supportive without having any stiffness.

@diredesire, the only time I was going to be playing at UW (because I was injured other times we went), they actually forgot about the dual match and didn't show up at their own courts! So we didn't need any stringing done because we actually just drove back to Oregon.

Siobhan, TW

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