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Well, since I sense you are serious about how you are going about this, hire an agent first, you want to get your financials taken care of right off so you can concentrate on your grips (racket not valises). IMG is good, that's where Steffi's dad learned how to handle her finances. Get a scholarship to Boletteri's and request Andre's bed to get his two-hander by osomsis. Next a trainer, Gil Reyes is available since Andre retired but if you're more into chicks Gillian Michaels is bilt. A sports shrink is a must, this game is all in the head, Allen Fox is between books, pull him off the golf course. You're gonna' need a good physio to tape you up right, doc Garrick is good with loose joints. A nutritionist is a must--you are what you eat--soul food is the best for solid nutrition. Sports drinks for hot days, de-fizzed coke with boiled peanuts goes right into the blood stream. Oh, and don't forget the 12 passenger Citation, there's a lot of travel in the pros, coach sucks. Skip the tournament shuttle van, they're to slow, Bugatti Veyron to get you there on time, hire Tanner Foust to chauffeur, he's a good street driver. Good luck, I'm rootin' for ya', it's all about the details, it's the details that kill ya'.

"...the human emotional system was not designed to endure the mental rigors of a tennis match." Dr. Allen Fox
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