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Originally Posted by BeHappy View Post
He's 6'5"

Ivanisevic, Monfils and Tsonga = lightning fast at 6'5"

Greg Rusedski, Cilic= move extremely well at 6'5"

EVen Ljubicic moves like greaed lightning compared to Tomic.

Maybe SOderling is as slow but he serves 145mph.

Honestly, hand on heart, I have never seen a player with athleticism this bad. Still, with the courts this slow rendering a big serve useless and speed optional, maybe I'll have to get used to this.
good lord, what planet are you on?

monfils and tsonga are not 6'5"...ivanisevic i believe was 6'4"

rusedski and cilic move extremely well...what does extreme mean to you?...the top four move extremely well to me...perhaps rusedski and cilic move extremely well for big guys

soderling serves 145 mph?...has he reached that once in his career?...he certainly hasn't done that consistently...hell, no one has

and as to the original any sport?..just tennis?

george carlin used to say somewhere out there is the world's worst doctor...i guess so...i have no way of knowing if tomic's the worst athlete ever but his ranking suggests that's nowhere near true...and athleticism is not just speed or jumping ability
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