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Truth is...I've called them as well. I guess I'm a little more leary of it in singles as I'm not at the net. If ti's obvious and ticks the net loud enough that I can hear it...yea I'll call it. I guess I was speaking of the one that barely tick the net and you can only hear it if you are standing there. So I understand where you are coming from.

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I often call lets on my own serve in singles. It's just instinct for me to call let as soon as I hear/see it, regardless of whether I'm server or receiver.

Usually when I do it on my serve, the receiver calls it pretty much at the same time as I do. But there have been times where I've heard the let but the receiver did not.

There has never been a dispute that I can remember... calling it early helps; since I usually call it before/as the receiver is making the return, there can be no accusation that I called it only after seeing the opponent make a winning return.
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