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I think you are pretty much screwed with this match. I'd also like to thank the guy for the link. I actually did this myself a few years back. I honestly didn't know you couldn't take a break. I thought it was like a new set and you were allowed to take a break. I did exactly what you are describing. So while it's no excuse the guy may have actually thought he was within his rights to do this. I guess I need to go back and reverse my score line for 09. I think this is about when this happened. I ended up winning my 3rd set breaker as well. lol

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Thanks for the link, SystemicAnomaly. I haven't played many USTA matches. I really hate these tricks. Does anyone know if this is something I can report to USTA? Both my team and his team were watching the whole thing unfold from the next court since our match was the last to finish. Our team lost 2-3.
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