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***** most leagues I've seen and played in...I'd like to see that pulled off. I mean really what you say is very accurate and sounds reasonable but unless it's a sanctioned tourney or officials are standing there, you are going to catch hell getting anything done. I agree with someone else. You have to get mentally tougher. People do things all the time just to get under your skin...bend the rules or even break them....knowing there is little if anything you are really going to be able to do. I had a guy do something similiar in an indoor tourney during Christmas. He decided he needed a bathroom break right after the second set started(I won the first and he was leading the second 0-1). I'd just ran him off the court. The wrong thing at that point to do was get riled up over a 6 or 7 minute break. What I did was just took the time to go to the restroom myself. I could have gotten worked up about it but all would have happen is I lose concentration. I came right back out and continued to play and win. So this person needs to get mentally tougher. If he lets this bother him, he will also let bother him other a guy this past Sunday during warmup trying to knock the raquet out of my hand everytime I'd feed him the ball instead of hitting a mid range groundstroke back to me. He was spraying balls to the point where my wife was ducking balls on the other side. He did stop once he saw I wasn't going to pull my hamstring chasing down balls in the alley. Had he not...I would have just gotten my wife and we would have warmed up on the other side and let him hit balls at his partner. So there is an answer for just have know how to handle the different situations.

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No you cannot complain now. It's too late, and it sounds like you didn't even object.

Next time:

There's no such thing as a "water break."

He could have taken an injury time-out (5 minutes for unofficiated matches under our local rules).

He could have taken a reasonable break to deal with a clothing or equipment issue (but not a racket issue).

He could have taken a 5-minute bathroom break (and our local rules advise that you accompany him to make sure it is in fact a bathroom break and not a coaching or stalling break). Other local rules for timed matches prohibit bathroom breaks toward the end of the match.

If the opponent just up and left the court against your objection for some other reason, the thing to do would be to time him (using a cell phone, IMHO) and perhaps have a teammate do the same.

If it was instead a break for an authorized reason, then still time him. If you don't actually time him, then you wouldn't be able to win any grievance if you defaulted him.

If it is an excessively long break or an unauthorized one, then I would say at the time, "Hey, you're not allowed to take a break like this. If you go, I'm going to consider it your retirement."
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