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Originally Posted by limitup View Post
Have you changed anything with your stroke recently? I had a similar problem when I improved my OHBH by turning more shoulders more. At first I was constantly hitting the ball late because my timing was based on turning much less. I literally had to exaggerate it and try to force myself to swing really early, just to find the new sweet spot.
Yep, that is a part of a problem. Before I wasn't turning my shoulders as an early preparation step. But my partner wants me to change that. Before I was doing everything wrong but it "worked". Now I am much better, but still cannot completely get into this smooth forehand routine. Especially in the begging of a game/practicing. It takes usually around 30 - 40 min. for me to get into slow, smooth, and accurate movement. I even think about something that I could use off court to work on the whole forehand routine.
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