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When we flew back to Hawaii to show Rio to family we purchased 3 seats. I don't like the idea of just putting kids on laps because of turbulence etc., plus I wanted Rio buckled into her car seat. We were able to upgrade to first-class on the way out which was nice because of the extra room considering all of the extra ***** we had.

On the way back mommy and Rio were in first-class while I had to sit in coach since they only had 2 seats available. They ended up sitting next to Jennifer Hudson (the girl from American Idol/Dreamgirls). I was in the back with her band which was pretty cool.

The funniest thing I saw was this mom flying alone with her 4 boys who looked to be 3 years old up to like 7 years old. She had them all line up in a row at the gate and then she gave all of them Benadryl, lol.

My sister's wedding/family reunion is this July in Hawaii. Now we'll have to purchase 4 tickets (probably won't be able to afford first-class as even coach tickets are around $1,500 a pop).
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