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Default "Oh, you're doing yellow and gray? Then so will we!!!?

Does anyone out there with some real inside knowledge of the tennis apparel world (or the sporting apparel world, since it seems about the same) know why most of the apparel companies now copy each other's colorways at the start of a new season? It seems companies used to go out of their way to distinguish themselves from each other in both design and color, but now you look at the Australian Open and virtually everyone is wearing yellow. adidas is the line that always seems to want to have all their players in the same hues (clearly a philosophy for them, having it seem that there's a sea of adidas players out there); Nike tends to have more variety, but they've got a bunch of yellow as well. Then the lesser brands, Lotto and Uniqlo and Wilson and the rest, all seem to latch onto the predominant color and mimic either adidas or Nike. It just doesn't make any real sense to me, but there is obviously a reason why this happens. Can anyone elucidate? Thanks.
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