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IIRC, in the retail fashion world there is a whole sub-industry devoted to the forward planning of global colour trends in apparel. A fashion bureau in Paris or somewhere carefully decides what will be the hero colours in (x) years time. They then mobilise all the world's garment dye resources towards those ends so that in 2016, for example, every mass market clothing retailer on Earth will feature the same colour. Others feel free to correct me on this. I recall lime green and tangerine were popular colours back in 1992 or so.

My biggest complaint is the collective amnesia that sets in every year just before Wimbledon when every company unthinkingly issues plain white clothing to their pros. They forget that colour is permitted to be used on Wimbledon attire. They think Wimbledon's playing attire must be white without exception, when in fact it is merely predominantly white.
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