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Originally Posted by bluetrain4 View Post
I think he was in on it.

After the Deadspin story was published, it definitely looked like he was in on it from the start.

There are a few updates today on SB Nation that suggest maybe he was actually the victim of a hoax, but even then, he maybe could have been at the beginning, but ran with it once he found out.

No matter - ND and T'eo knew by December 6, 2012 that she didn't exist. Yet, in press leading up to the BCS Championship, he still referenced her.

So, he lied. The issue is how much he lied and over how long of period he lied. And what's really interesting to me is his motivation for lying which could be any number of things or combination of things.

I think it was to cover up the fact that he was gay and involved with another man. Possibly the fellow listed in the article.

Think about it, star player at big program, mormon, football player, samoan culture...doesnt look kindly on homosexuality.

whats a better cover than my-girlfriend-lives-far-away-and-is-sick-and-then-she-died-and-ill-never-love-anybody-else-again.
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