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Originally Posted by SLD76 View Post
I think it was to cover up the fact that he was gay and involved with another man. Possibly the fellow listed in the article.

Think about it, star player at big program, mormon, football player, samoan culture...doesnt look kindly on homosexuality.

whats a better cover than my-girlfriend-lives-far-away-and-is-sick-and-then-she-died-and-ill-never-love-anybody-else-again.
That would be a reasonable explanation IF it is true. Unfortunately we won't know that unless he comes out says he is gay. I would actually repect him if he came out and said it and say that is why he set this whole thing up. But if goes with this story that he was duped and he didn't know the girl was fake even though anybody older than 10 years old would figure it out, that's pathetic.
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