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Originally Posted by coolblue123 View Post
Question for the TT folks: I was wondering if anyone felt any polarization with this racquet? Did you feel alot of weight was placed at the head? Kinda afraid to play with a stick with a 330 swingweight and high RA stick. Salonpa's has been part of my attire for the past couple of weeks.

Wow, image if the steam 99s comes out with a flexier version. It'll probably increase spin to ludicrous speed with ultra ball-pocket effect. This model is probably coming out in the fall. LOL.
Yes, I typically like a lower swingweight (305-31 and with the 99S, I could feel that it was tougher to swing and a bit more sluggish. But I think you kind of need the weight in the head to help stabilize a frame that only has 16 mains and 15 crosses.

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