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Default Relation to OP?

Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
Glad to accept your suggestion after clearing up one more big point.

I don't insult US players or coaches. I'm just stating the state of the game as
any good coach or player can see. US coaches did what was presented to
them and actually overachieved in many cases on both fronts.
In most cases the coaches were too good of students, but with bad info.
I take my hats off to them!
Pete and Andy are 2 of my favorite all time players and I love the big serve.
In fact I just love to think what they could have done with better fundamentals
in their game from the start. Anyone could see that Andy could hardly slice or
volley when he got to the Majors, and the Bh was below avg.
Makes his results even more impressive to his CREDIT.
What is a relation of this post to OP?

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