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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
Thanks Milos. The trash has been removed.
Now that I don't care who wins between these two, it's really fascinating to read your comments on Rosol. I can empathize with you, really. On return games Rosol was purposefully distracting Nadal, it seemed obvious. But the magnitude of Rosol's shady tactics seemed to be roughly on par with what I've seen Rafa do, in sum in so many little ways, many times before. So, I don't want to start bickering about who did what, or whose antics were worse. I just believe they were roughly equivalent and that, while Rosol may have raised the bar over how far a player can go with impunity in purposefully distracting his opponent serving, I believe (along with many observers) that Rafa, too, has rewritten more than a few pages from the so called book of competitive etiquette. Again I empathize with's just so fascinating, looking objectively from the outside in at some object "out there," only to discover that I'm actually looking in the mirror. Yeah, Rosol may be a dirt bag as well as Rafa is a sweet heart who interestingly competes like a dirt bag at times in my opinion.

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